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I am Jan Happy Ankerstjerne (Anchorstar).


I am the creator of the website. This is my biggest dreams to attract. I have always been having big dreams and goals and know that one day they will be manifested into my reality.


Happy-Flying, Happy-Sailing, Happy--Driving, Happy-Living and Happy Life Inspiration has played a big role in my life since childhood. Please read more below about my story. 

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My Story

I was born in 1967 in a suburb of Copenhagen. I had an amazing childhood with great and loving parents. My mother and father was always spoiling me :-), but I never forget the experiences they gave me. These experiences made me dream big even as a kid. The creation of website has been under development and in serveral versions but now it almost there. More info will come soon. 


Whatsapp: +45 53 33 22 56

Main website is

I'm always seeking for new and exciting experiences. Let's connect on social media's:

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