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Hi and welcome to Happy Flying. 


My name is Jan Happy Ankerstjerne. I am a Happy Life Expert and my lifepurpose is to inspire and motivate others to live a happy life. I created this website to inspire people to dream big and to make it happen. 

I believe I was born on this planet to live a great life. I believe we should have fun and enjoy life like a kid. Life should be a great adventure, not the opposite. Since I was a child and used (Conair 720/720B) Airplanes for holidays, I've had this great dream of having my own private airliner. Now I know everything is possible and having my own airplane is not just a dream, its a fact soon. I hope this website can inspire you to dream big too. 


A great danish writer H.C. Andersen wrote  two awesome quotes which both inspired me to live a creative, curious and happy life.


1) Traveling is to live.

2) Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale.

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