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Happy Life Coaching

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Your new life begins here. Happy Life Coaching is here to provide you with the support and tools you need in order to bring change, and reach the pinnacle of success. Learn more by exploring the site.

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Happy Life Coaching

Happy Life Coaching is the biggest dream and a mission I have had for many years.

Ever Since I was a young guy having my first spare time job in a supermarket, 

I had a deep sense of what I wanted to do and how I could serve others. 

After leaving the supermarket and the business school I was very interested in the IT business,

so I became an programmer and a IT supporter. This lasted for several years in many different branches and companies.

I became strongly attached to the support area and I was very passioned about helping others. 

After some time I was stressed and tired of working for others and then I became a Entrepreneur.

I started my own company as an IT-Consult and owner of a kids clothes shop. 

Things changed and I had 2 great kids and a great marriage.

We worked hard for 3 years and we became very stressed people. 

I knew this lifestyle could not continue, so I had to go back and work for others again.

I was offered a job as a manager. Within a year I felt so much stress and anxiety,

so I had to stop working and I became very ill.

Within the next coming years we had 2 more kids and we had to move to a different place,

starting all over again. This periode of my life was a major change and the illness became my life-learning,

which lead me to my biggest life-purpose. 

I started to go all in for the biggest project of my life.

To be able to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to live a happy life. 

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Inspired Coaching

Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back.

Happy Life Coaching, a renown coaching professional, is here to help you in your new journey.

Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible.

If you have any questions about me or my business, please dont hesitate,

and contact me on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Fazeday by using the links in the top of this page.

Looking forward hearing from you.

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