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My Bio

Who I Am

I was born in 1967 and raised in a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. My mother came from a academic family and my father from a working family. I believe this was a great combination for them and for me to experience. My parents decided to get divorced when I was 10 years old and I became an only child all my life. I am grateful for this today, but earlier I was very sad when I saw how others had this great relationship with their brothers/sisters.

My childhood was great because my father inspired me to play with toys like trains, planes and ships. My mother was opposite and took more care of me and my needs.

Because my father inspired me with the trains, planes and ships, I grew up with a great passion of them. As a little boy I had this big dream of becoming a pilot, but after I finished public/business school I wanted to do something else and I was inspired to work within IT, and this became my main career until 2009. 

In 2003 I met my wife and her kid. In 2005 we were married after having my first babyboy. We had another babygirl in 2006 and again we had twins in 2010. I has been amazing journey to have 4 kids when you are an only child.

Not everything went well and in 2009 I had a big breakdown with stress, but this got me to think of changing my life completely. I decided to make a big turnaround. I started to go for my biggest dream. To inspire and motivate others to be more happy and to live a happy life.



What I’ve Done Overview

1974 - 1985


- Public Schools
- Business School
- Allround IT Education
- IT Programming and Administration
- Billing Systems Training etc

1985 - 1997


- IT Programmer
- IT Operator
- IT Supporter
- IT Specialist
- IT Administrator

1997 - 2009


- Billing Administrator
- Billing System Administrator
- Billing Systems Specialist
- Billing Manager
- Telecommunications
- Mobile Technology
- Fixed Technology
- IT Support

2009 - 202X


- Inspiration
- Motivation
Happy Inspiration Through other jobs
- Janitor (School)
- Entrepreneur (Support)
- Customercare (Ferry tickets)
- IT support (phone)
- Shop assistant (Tobacco shop)
- Ram Agent (Airport)

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"Love Yourself and Dream Big"

The Universe

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