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Jan Ankerstjerne, Happy Life Expert, Copenhagen, DK

★ Life is the most wonderful fairytale. I got this Quote from the danish author H.C. Andersen. To be able to understand what it means at the deepest level, I had to choose a difficult path in life. I have the belief that we have choosen the path before we were born, so when I look back now, I am seeing a very bumpy road, but with a lot of happiness and love as well.

★ The happiness and love has given me a lot of positivity, motivation and optimism. I have always found myself being a part of great project and going to beautiful places.

★ The journey has ofcourse been very bumpy too. I have had stress and anxiety several times, but at the worst moment I got some help. The bumpy parts of my life has made me more responsible for the actions I take and today I am more focused and consious about my choices.

★ Social media has played a big role in my life ever since I first became acquainted with something similar in the 80s computers. Since then, I have connected with a lot of people both physically and online. It has become a huge passion. Although I do not want to brag, but today I am happy to have a network of more than 100,000 contacts across the various social media platforms, that exist today both nationally and internationally. My greatest dream and life-purpose is to reach as many people as possible with my new project, which is to inspire and motivate people to become happier and live a happy life. The mission is a follow-up on my boyhood dream of changing the world and making the earth a better place to be for everyone.

★ Thanks in advance for reading.

Best wishes
Jan Ankerstjerne - Copenhagen, Denmark 


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